Old Fryer Bridge Location from Upstream Bank

The Old Fryer Bridge Location

After the bridge was knocked into the creek by an overweight truck and then destroyed by a flood.

We were disappointed when we got the news that a gas well support truck had collapsed the old Fryer Bridge. The photos that we received showed that the bridge was still resting against the support piers at each end, but the north end had collapsed and was in the creek. This site has a photo and a video showing the damage.

Many hoped that the old bridge could be rebuilt even though there was an estimate that it might cost one million dollars. However, before anything could be done and before I got there to make my own photographs of the bridge condition, a flood sweeped debris against the bridge structure and crushed its remains into a pile a few feet downstream. I took these photos just a short time after the flood.

North approach to bridge
We found that the road had been improved in the years between the time I originally photographed the bridge and the time I took this photo of the gap where the bridge once was.

Pier on south side of creek
This photo provides a view of East Point Remove Creek which is still higher than usual and of the pier on the south side.

View of the bridge remains downstream
The remains of the bridge superstructure are covered in the debris from the flood.

This is a link to Larry Miller's photo of the construction preparing the new piers for a modern concrete slab bridge to replace the old iron bridge. Click on the photo to enlarge it to full-screen size. The view is from the north bank and downstream of the bridge.

This is a link to a government document of the Fryer Bridge engineering details and some history of Conway County bridge work in the 19th century and of the bridge companies of that era.

Fryer Bridge - Several photos of the bridge made several years before it was destroyed.
Fryer Bridge - LOST - Photos that show where the bridge once was and a photo of the remains of the bridge.
The New Fryer Bridge - Photos showing the bridge built in 2012 to replace the lost bridge.
FryerBluff - Several photos of the bluff and photos of some other old bridges.

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Posted 2/14/13