Fryer Bluff, looking west.

Fryer Bluff

Fryer Bluff is on the north side of the road just west of the Fryer Bridge. It's about a half mile east of SH 95. The bluff seems to be made of dried mud to me, but it is obviously a little more substantial than plain mud. I would guess that the tallest part is about 20 to 30 feet high.

A story about Fryer Bluff: Sometime about a hundred years ago a young Cherokee man came to Solgohachia. His long raven-black hair and dark complexion excited the young woman and he was accepted into the community. He was a hit at the parties and dances. However, he went to the county seat and became involved in a fight in which another man was killed. The Cherokee hid-out in the Fryer Bluff and the young women brought him food because they didn’t think he was at fault. Because of his long hair and minimal facial hair, he was able to dress as a woman and work on the local farms without being detected. He eventually went off to Oklahoma and was there involved in some way in a crime against a woman. Once word of that got back to Solgohachia, the young woman hated him with the same passion with which they had loved him before.

Vertical view looking west. Vertical view looking east.
The front of our mini-van provides some scale for the bluff. This view is toward the northwest.
This view is back toward the northeast.

Ann, the van, and the bluff.
This view toward the west northwest provides another perspective on the bluff and road. The view in the image on the left above this one is the area visible above the van in this photo.

West Point Remove Bridge to Jerusalem
This bridge crosses West Point Remove Creek on SH 124 between the intersection with SH 95 at the foot of Pigeon Roost Mountain just north of the Wonderview Consolidated School and Jersusalem, Arkansas. SH 124 goes on west of Jerusalem through Appleton and reaches Russelville. The photo was made from the road that branches off to the west to Old Hickory in Gregory Township where my Houston ancestors settled around 1850. We used to have parties on the creek bank west of the bridge and play spin-the-bottle and walk the girls back up this road. A dangerous sharp, deep curve was bypassed and the new curve is this section of the road at the right of the photo.

Stink Creek Bridge
The old bridge is so overgrown with vines and trees blocking the view that only the left upright corner is visible. This old bridge across “stink” creek led into a sharp blind curve so the road was eventually rerouted to ease the curve thus bypassing the bridge. One of my Grandfather Maxwell’s brothers-in-law was killed when a truck he was riding overturned in the sharp corner throwing him from the back and crushing him. His children were like brothers and sister to my mother and like uncles and aunt to us. The city of Morrilton once dumped raw sewage into the creek; thus the name.
Area Map
This is a portion of the Conway County Road map of 1936. Solgohachia is in the lower right corner. Fryer Bridge is near the top corner of the 'F' in Fryer. Old Hickory isn't listed but it is near the 'G' in Gregory Township on the left. The new Wonderview High School was built at the top center on the north ridge of Pigeon Roost Mountain just above the 'c' in St. Vincent. The bridge above is located where the road crosses the creek near the 'e' in W. Point Remove.

Fryer Bridge - Several photos of the bridge made several years before it was destroyed.
Fryer Bridge - LOST - Photos that show where the bridge once was and a photo of the remains of the bridge.
The New Fryer Bridge - Photos showing the bridge built in 2012 to replace the lost bridge.
FryerBluff - Several photos of the bluff and photos of some other old bridges.

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