Scenes of the Illinois Bayou near Scottsville, Arkansas

Bridge Approach
What is so fascinating about winding mountain roads? This is the southern approach to the one-lane bridge across the Illinois Bayou just north of Scottsville, Arkansas.

One-Lane Bridge
There really is no room to pass on this one-lane bridge.

View Upstream
The view of the Illinois Bayou upstream of the bridge. My shadow is included in the photo.

The Bluff Side of the Island
The view along the stream between the bluff and the island.

The Main Stream
The view upstream on the main channel of the bayou.

View Downstream
The view downstream to the southwest into the late afternoon sun.

Approaching Scottsville
A short distance to the southwest, this one-lane bridge crosses a small tributary of the Illinois Bayou near Scottsville. Wiper blade streaks appear in this photo shot through the windshield.

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Posted: 2/14/05
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