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"Bettie's" birth year is in question. Her tombstone records her birth date as July 10, 1880. However, the 1880 Census taken in June of that year lists her as Elizabeth in Dave and Kate's family at the age of 11 months and July as her birth month. The 1890 Census records were lost in a fire and by 1900 she was married. That Census says that she was born in July 1880 and that she was 19 years old. (The census was taken in June; she would have been 20 in July 1900 according to this record.) Her name in the 1900 Census was Cassandra E. It seems odd, but sometime in her early childhood her birth year must have been forgotten. The 1880 Census couldn't have recorded her if she hadn't been born yet and even if the census was made later than June, she wouldn't have been 11 months old until June of 1881 if she had been born in 1880. The age of 11 months is clearly written "11/12" and the word "July" is written before "Daughter" in the "Relation to Head of Household" column. By the time of Bettie's death in 1931 any memory of her true birth year had long since been forgotten.

Bettie was Dave and Kate Skipper's fourth daughter and fifth child. She was born July 10, 1879, she was listed as 11 months old in the 1880 Census taken in June 1880. She was one year old one month after the census on her birthday in July 1880. Dave and Kate were 31 years old. (Kate was probably 29. There is a descripancy between her census data and her tombstone,too.) Her older sisters were Florence, 10; Harriet, 7; Louisa Rebecca, 5; and brother John Quincy, 2. was three. Her Grandfather Joseph Skipper had died just a year before Bettie was born, but her young grandmother Louisa Skipper was only 49 and her Great Grandmother Rebecca Garnto, Louisa's mother, was still living at the age of 75-78. Her Grandfather James B.Dillon was 56 years old. Her Grandmother Harriet Dillon ? grandparents still living? Betty had some Skipper uncles and aunts and some Dillon uncles and aunts as well as several cousins.

In 1885, when Bettie was six years old and her parents, Dave and Kate, were 36, Dave's mother married Kate's father. Louisa had been a widow for seven years and James Dillon's wife Harriet, Kate's mother, had recently died. The marriage only lasted three months.

In 1890 Bettie was 11 years old. Sister Florence was 20, Harriet was 17, Louisa Rebecca was 15, and brother John Quincy was 12. Florence had been married for three years and Harriet had been married for two. Bettie had two nieces and a nephew. Bettie's parents were 41. Her Grandmother Louisa Skipper and Grandfather James Dillon were still living. At least two Skipper uncles, John W. and George W. were living in the area and her Uncle Levi Dillon was a prosperous merchant in the area.

Bettie married Sonettia "Nett" Harzona Cowan on April 11, 1897. She was almost 18 years old and Nett was almost 20. He was born on July 23, 1877, two years before Bettie. The family may have thought Bettie was only 16 years and nine months because 1880 must have been considered her birth year by then. Her three older sisters and older brother were already married. Florence had married John Franklin Krisell and they had eight children. Harriet had married James Loyd in 1888 and they had five children. Lou had married Andrew Treece in 1896 and they had two children. John Quincy had married Mary Magdaline Sands in 1899 and they had a three-month-old baby girl.

Bettie was 21 years old in July 1900. However, the 1900 Census was taken in June before her birthday and her age was listed as 19 and her birth date as July 1880. She and Sonettia "Nett" H. Cowan had been married three years as of April 11th and had two sons: Leon, who had been born in November 1897, and Leonard, who was born in December 1899.

The Four Older Kids The Twins
Leonard, Leon, Bill, and Katie
The four older Cowan children.
Twins Stella and Sturl Cowan
Bettie and Nett had eight children:

Several of the Skipper descendants were named "William" leading me to be believe that Joseph Skipper's middle initial "W" stood for William. Several girls were named after Louisa and one was named Harriet after Grandmother Harriet Dillon. The name "James" had been in use on the Skipper side as well as the Dillon side. All of the Cowan children were born in Lanty and Nett and the children lived until I was grown so I should know more about them than any of the others perhaps, but I know less about them than the others now.

By the end of March 1900, Bettie's parents, Dave and Kate, were 51 and had two more daughters and two more sons. Their four oldest daughters and their oldest son, John Quincy, were married and had provide 18 grandchildren. Dave's mother, Louisa, and his Grandmother Rebecca Garnto had died. Kate's parents were also dead. Her brother Levi was still living in the area. Dave's brother George had died leaving a widow and children who were living with brother John's family.

Bettie Cowan - 1931 Sonettia Cowan - 1965 By 1912 Bettie's family was complete. Also by that time her four younger siblings had gotten married and her father had died. Her sister Florence had also died. Her mother died in 1914 and there was a dispute over the land. The two younger sisters sided with the brothers and a rift developed between the three surviving older sisters and the younger siblings. Within ten years the four younger siblings had moved away from Conway County. The oldest sister, Florence had died in 1903 before the parents died. Harriet died in 1918. Louisa Rebecca "Lou" and her family had moved to Morrilton by 1911 and at some point moved to Jonesboro. Her brother John Quincy, who was two years older than Bettie, still lived in Conway County and had a career as a Singer Sewing Machine salesman and as the postmaster at the Morrilton Post Office. It seems that by 1925 only John Quincy and Bettie still lived in Conway County. The two younger brothers had moved to England, Arkansas and the two younger sisters had moved to Webbers Falls, Oklahoma. Lou Treece had moved to Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Bettie died February 12, 1931, at the age of 51 and was buried in the Lone Grove Cemetery located west of Round Mountain and the old Skipper home. Her children ranged in age from 19 to 34. Her brother John Quincy died two months later on April 18, 1931. Nett lived for 34 more years. He died January 9, 1965 at the age of 87. He was buried in the Lone Grove Cemetery beside Bettie.


Descendants of Dave and His Daughters


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