Dave Skipper's Daughters

Mary Florence Skipper
Florence was born September 20, 1869, just a few years after the Civil War. Her parents, Dave and Katie Skipper, were only 20 years old and had not been married long. Dave probably helped his father farm their property near Round Mountain north of Solgohachia in Conway County, Arkansas. Dave had migrated with his father, Joseph Skipper, from North Carolina via Tennessee in the mid-50s. Katie was from Tennessee. Things in rural Arkansas were difficult after the Civil War and there was some animosity toward the Skipper family because Joseph had served with the Union Army. He was 55 when Florence was born. Florence's grandmother, Louisa Skipper, was 38 years old. In spite of the difficulties following the war, the Skipper family seemed to get along pretty well on their farm. Probably all their neighbors were in similar circumstances and they accepted things as just a normal part of life. Florence was a teenager during the 1880's and the linked article gives some information about what life was like in rural parts of the United States then. During those years three more sisters and two brothers were added to the family.

Moses and Nancy Krisell lived in the Lanty community a few miles north of the Skippers. They had a son named John Franklin, who was born March 17, 1869, just a month before Florence. On October 2, 1887, when they were almost 18, Florence and John were married. Their first child, Leonard Earnest, was born the following year on August 12, 1888. Florence was almost 19. There is a good possibility that Florence went back home to have the baby with the support of her grandmother, mother, aunts, and sisters. John and Florence settled in the area and had eight more children during the next 13 years. When Florence's brother, James Arthur Skipper, was 17, Florence had a son and named him James Arthur Krisell.

Harriet Loyd - 1918 Florence died during childbirth on September 26, 1903, at the age of 34. Apparently many years later a small, simple block of granite engraved "MRS. J. F. KRISELL 1869 - 1903" was placed to mark her grave in the Lone Grove Cemetery just west of Round Mountain. When she died, her nine living children ranged in age from 4 to 15. This must have been a major tragedy for the family. Dave and Kate had lost a baby son, but this was their first daughter, a mother of nine and still very young.

John died August 20, 1944, at the age of 75. The list of pallbearers at his funeral reads like a Who's Who of Lanty, Arkansas, in 1944: Jim Brown, husband of my Grandmother Maxwell's neice; Ray Moore, who worked at Wonderview High School when I was there; Luther Maxwell, my grandfather; Thomas Freeman, my grandfather's best friend, and Shelby Riddling. (My father had moved us back to Lanty in 1944 after he received his draft notice.)

John and Florence's children posed for this photograph at a family reunion in 1951. Posing with them is John's brother, Jim Krisell, and Florence's sister, Lou Treece. In 1951 the children ranged in age from about 52 to 63. I have another B&W pose in which Ellen is turned toward her sister and a color photo taken at the same time, but in it Dave is more centered between Cora and Fanny.

John and Florence Krisell's Children
Arthur, Olin, Hobert, Ellen, Cora, Dave, Fanny, Ernest
Uncle Jim Krisell and Aunt Lou Skipper Treece

The Krisell children were:

Descendants of Dave and His Daughters


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