Snapshots from Our 2002 TRIP
to Visit Family in Arkansas
  This is the view from the entrance of the Lanty Cemetery where the Maxwell family members are buried. The Decoration Day program is held at a little church building in Lanty about a quarter mile east. Not visible in the this photo are two smelly chicken houses just across the road from the cemetery.
My Bio you will find a photo of the family standing in this road back in 1943 following the burial of my sister's twin sister. My father's memorial stone was placed here in 1945. My mother didn't want his body returned from the Phillipines.
   When I was a teenager I helped my Grandfather Maxwell maintain the cemetery. Cemetery maintenance is arranged for by a committee of people who have family members buried here.
  This is the view from the gate into the cemetery. Decoration Day is observed on the Sunday following Mother's Day. We went to the cemetery early on Sunday and placed flowers around the graves of our family members and then attended the program and had lunch in the church building which now belongs to a community association. I usually lead the singing when I attend. I remember the old man who led the singing back in the '40s when I attended church there with my grandparents. Sometimes we would walk the mile to church and sometimes ride in the wagon.
  Dad and his three daughters - Brenda, on the left in light blue, is 7 years younger than I am; Marinelle, on the right, is 9 years younger than I; and Sherrye, on the other side from Marinelle, is 12 years younger. Ann is in the middle and behind her is Will, Sherrye's son, and Sarah his girlfriend.
  On Monday we drove back to Springdale to spend a week with Ann's folks. This is Ann's Dad, Jesse, standing by his parents' tombstone. He was born and raised on a ranch in west Texas. He tried ranching and various jobs over the years, but spent most of his working career as a long-haul truck driver.
   The family had not been back to the cemetery since his dad died in 1978 and Ann had been wanting to go back for years. The cemetery is in Fayetteville just five miles south of Springdale.
  Ann is on the left in the middle photo. Her mother is beside her in the shade of the umbrella. Her dad is wearing an old hat. The blonde in the blue chair is the girlfriend of Ann's young nephew. She is really a sweet young woman. She wore a little enameled star pin in her belly button. The other blonde has been Francy's friend since they were girls.

   Ray just recently built the concrete walkway in the lower left of the bottom photo. He has also redone the fish pond and rock water fountain.
  Ann's sister, 'Francy' and her husband, Ray, had a fish fry on Memorial Day Sunday. We were only slightly acquainted with some of their friends who attended.
   Ray has done a great job with the landscaping of the back yard and it makes a nice picnic area.
   Ann's little brother, Grady, is on the left of the top photo.
Ann has wanted to go back to see her grandparents' home for years. We were married there on the front porch 40 years ago. They sold it and moved into town not long after we were married.
   We have driven by a few times, but had not been up to the house. We have heard that it is now headquarters of a polo club. When her grandparents lived there it had white wood siding. It is bricked now and it seems that some rooms have been added. The tall columns are the same though and so is the long, tree-lined drive from the highway.
   They had a beautiful city house in Colorado City, Texas, when Ann was a little girl.
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Photos of my cousin and me, the countryside near Cleveland and the Old Liberty Cemetery, the family at the cemetery before, during, and after the Decoration Day observance.
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The family at the Lanty Cemetery the following Sunday, Ann's Dad at his parents' tombstone, the fine mansion where Ann and I were married, the family and friends gathered at the Memorial Day fish fry.
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