Our Trip to Arkansas in February 2001
There were some bad winter ice storms in northeast Texas and southwest Arkansas (Oklahoma and Louisiana too). We saw piles of limbs in many of the yards along the way. Pine forrests were really hurt. This photo shows that many pine trees just snapped off about 15 to 20 feet up. The yellow split ends face the southwest. Perhaps strong northeast winds blew them in that direction until they snapped.
This is the new home of Ann's parents in Springdale. They were able to move to a bigger home in a better location because of an inheritance.
This is Ann's sister, Frances, and Frances' husband Ray. We spent more time with them on this trip than we are usually able to.
Ray took me to see some of the places along White River where he goes fishing. This is the bluff on the northeast side of the river a few miles below the Beaver Lake dam.
This little stream is crossed by a low-water bridge just north of where Ann's folks live.
An old abandoned railroad bridge and the notch through the bluff where the tracks used to run.
Beaver Lake Dam
We drove across the dam and back north to the main highway. I saw this 'shoetree' and remembered that I had read about it somewhere, so we stopped to take a picture. Apparently one person decorated a tree with tennis shoes as an artistic statement and others have added shoes just for the novelty of it.
This dirt road near Frances' house reminds me of what the state highway in front of my boyhood home was like in 1950.
These grass clumps along the freeway reminded Ann of a little dog we know.