First Photos - Page 5
INDEX PAGE - Thumbnail images from the first roll of film I took and photos of the camera I used.

PAGE ONE - Larger images of the camera and an image of a strip of film illustrating the half-frame format.

PAGE TWO - Larger, cropped images of the family photographs. (Three images.)
                      Sherrye, Brenda and Marinelle, and Jeanne

PAGE THREE - Larger, cropped images of the other family photographs. (Three images.)
                       Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Jeanne, Jeanne with kitten

PAGE FOUR - Larger, cropped images of the photographs of the animals. (Five images.)
                           Dogs, pig, cats, horse, and cows

PAGE FIVE - Larger cropped images of some of the other photos. (Three images.)
                        Tree with bird nest, front of house, and dead snake


  This is the rock house Dad built in 1947 after he and Momma got married. An expert stone mason did the rock work. There is a nice front porch with a swing.The Methodist church house is visible at center right on the little hill behind our house.
     There is a pulley hanging from a limb of the big walnut tree in the front yard. WARNING - Do Not Do the Following:
    1. Put a rope through a pulley.
    2. Tie a loop in one end of the rope.
    3. Stand with both feet on the rope loop.
    4. Pull on the other end of the rope.
    You may not survive your practice run.
     Fortunately the ground was softer than my head. When I pulled on the rope in an attempt to raise myself to the limb, my feet went head-high and my head hit the ground faster than I could blink. It
can be done though. I tried again and wrapped my arms around the end of the rope that was lifting my feet and then could still pull the other end of the rope without falling over backward..
   This is a scan from the original print. You may be able to see the snake in the lower center of the view. I was very afraid of snakes and killed this one with the big rock identified by the arrow. I guess I would go on and leave it alone now. This image is just a little larger than the origingal. My first photos were not dated by the processor.
  The caption for this photo was "A Bird's Nest With A Mother Bird In It." Of course neither are actually visible in the photograph.
      A challenge for my brother and sisters: Where was the tree in relation to our house and what are the buildings in the distance? I think I know.
If my memory and analysis are correct, this is the first photo I ever took. I could not get Laddie to stand still for a photo. My shadow is long and pointing east indicating a late afternoon in early summer. The 'dug' well is in the weedy patch directly in fromt of my shadow.