First Photos - Page 3
INDEX PAGE - Thumbnail images from the first roll of film I took and photos of the camera I used.

PAGE ONE - Larger images of the camera and an image of a strip of film illustrating the half-frame format.

PAGE TWO - Larger, cropped images of the family photographs. (Three images.)
                      Sherrye, Brenda and Marinelle, and Jeanne

PAGE THREE - Larger, cropped images of the other family photographs. (Three images.)
                       Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Jeanne, Jeanne with kitten

PAGE FOUR - Larger, cropped images of the photographs of the animals. (Five images.)
                           Dogs, pig, cats, horse, and cows

PAGE FIVE - Larger cropped images of some of the other photos. (Three images.)
                        Tree with bird nest, front of house, and dead snake


  Momma is helping Daddy lift a water pump/tank assembly onto the wooden platform over the old 'dug' well at the south end of the house. They were 34 years old then. She was expecting and our little brother John was born in July. He is 11 months younger than Sherrye.
     We were afraid to drink water from this well because it was basically open to any contaminant that might fall in. Jeanne and I were afraid that the platform might break through when we walked out on it to draw water with a rope and bucket. It was tricky to get the bucket to flip over and sink so that it would fill with water. It was also hard to lean over the hole in the platform while pulling up a heavy bucket of water.
     The car is a 1953 Plymouth Cranbrook. It was purchased new after the 1954 models came out in the fall of 1953. I hated to see our '46 Plymouth go. The '46 was the one I learned to drive. Plymouth had three 'lines' then: Belvedere, Cranbrook, and Plaza. They were named for three of Chrysler's assembly plants.
Jeanne is holding a little kitten in the backyard of Grandpa and Grandma Maxwell's house. A five gallon milk can is drying out on a post behind her.
Grandpa Maxwell and Jeanne are standing on the dam of a recently dug pond. The Lanty Cemetery is on the little ridge behind them. I don't remember why they were there.