First Photos - Page 2
INDEX PAGE - Thumbnail images from the first roll of film I took and photos of the camera I used.

PAGE ONE - Larger images of the camera and an image of a strip of film illustrating the half-frame format.

PAGE TWO - Larger, cropped images of the family photographs. (Three images.)
                      Sherrye, Brenda and Marinelle, and Jeanne

PAGE THREE - Larger, cropped images of the other family photographs. (Three images.)
                       Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Jeanne, Jeanne with kitten

PAGE FOUR - Larger, cropped images of the photographs of the animals. (Five images.)
                           Dogs, pig, cats, horse, and cows

PAGE FIVE - Larger cropped images of some of the other photos. (Three images.)
                        Tree with bird nest, front of house, and dead snake


Sherrye is my youngest sister. She was born in August 1953 so this must have been taken early in the summer of 1954. As indicated by my shadow, the sun was directly behind my back and it must have been late in the day.
    Brenda (black sash) was almost six years old and Marinelle was four. When Brenda was a born I was almost eight. Uncle Clyde and Aunt Pearl came over for a visit and, while Momma and Daddy went out to welcome them, I went into the bedroom and tried to lift Brenda from her bassinet. I got her into my arms, but fell over backwards. Fortunately she landed on top of me and wasn't hurt.
      I don't remember a thing about Marinelle when she was little except that I wanted to nickname her 'Mern.' She is sometimes called 'Mur' now.
      I didn't crop really close in this scan because I wanted to show the eastern horizen and what seems to be the old hay baler across the highway from the house.
  Jeanne is my full sister and she was 12 years old. She looks older than that to me.. She was taller than I at that time.
     This enlargement of a small part of the image is actually pretty good considering the poor lens and the film of that time.
     Again the distant hills are visible although they aren't very detailed. She is standing about where Brenda and Marinelle were. The road in the background is Arkansas State Highway 95. It was not paved at that time