Skipper Family Hamburger and Hot Dog Night

September 29, 2007

Since Ann and I plan to be gone for several weeks, I wanted to have all the family together for an evening, so I invited them over for grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. All but Jeff were there. In spite of the afternoon rain, it was comfortable enough to eat out on the enclosed porch that I tiled earlier in the year. It was a little crowded with a total of 13 there, but of course there was the option of going into the house for a break from the humidity. I think ceiling fans will help, so I'll try to install a couple by the end of the year.

The overcast sky made it darker and the small flash on my little 'shirt-pocket' digital just didn't do a very good job of lighting the porch.

Becky, Laura, and Henry
Laura, Henry, and Becky with John and Jimy in the background.

Ann and Madi
Madi and Ann

Jim and Laura
Jimy and Laura

We have a movie of Jimy making an expression like that when he was about one year old.
What was Laura thinking?

John and Joshua
John and Joshua

Becky was reading a Newsweek article about Hillary Clinton.

Becky and Sarah
Becky and Sarah

Becky was still reading the Newsweek article about Hillary Clinton.

Louis, Phillip, and Becky
Louis, Phillip, and Becky

John and Others
John gestures to add emphasis to his discussion.

Behind him are Madi, Ann, Joshua, Henry, and Phillip
The magazine is an issue of The Economist. Jimy was reading an article about Hillary Clinton.

Family Group
Joshua, Henry, Phillip, Sarah, and Becky

Family Group
John, Madi, Ann, Joshua, Henry, Phillip, Laura, Sarah, and Becky

The flash didn't help much here and I had to do some enhancing, but I think it makes a great photo with all those smiling faces. :)

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Posted: 10/2/07