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Posted: 10/10/09
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Route 66

"The Mother Road"

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11. Friends

Left onto Ogden here.
7. We finally made our way

Left onto Ogden here.
6. We watched .
We got lost in Cicero because there are so many of the old and new roads in that area and the roads run on either side of the Des Plaines River in that area. We weren't always sure which side of the river the old route was supposed to be on. And besides that, the 1926 alignment of Route 66 became "Alternate US 66" in the late 30s. Now I55 runs between the two old alignments in the Cicero to Joliet area.

West on Ogden
5. Chicago is like a canyon.

West again on Adams
4. This is the.

North on Michigan
3. Jackson Blvd then north to Adams Street. Adams is one-way west now. The original official start and end point of Route 66 has changed over the years as Chicago grew and its streets changed.

Heading West
2. The view west Chicago.

Lake Michigan and Lakeshore Drive Behind
1. We left Chicago early on a Sunday morning in an attempt to avoid traffic. There seemed to be no parking around or in Grant Park and we couldn't find the marker for the 'official' start of Historic Route 66 even though we drove around the park twice. I decided we'd just start from where we were on Jackson Boulevard with Lake Michigan behind us and downtown Chicago ahead of us. I stopped and quickly took photos; then we were on our way.

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DAY 1   DAY 2   DAY 3   DAY 4   DAY 5   DAY 6   DAY 7   DAY 8   DAY 9   DAY 10

Springfield, IL - Second Day Begins!
"At 66, are we to old to get our kicks?"

"The Mother Road"

Route 66