Road through woods.
There was a heavy overcast and misty weather when we arrived at the area north of Cleveland, Texas.
We turned south down this road and drove for several miles. The pavement ended about half way to their place.

This is the entrance at the northeast corner of the property.
They put out a flag and nailed reflectors to the trees to help his find the place.

I was surprised at what a great camp they had established.
They had a big tent for themselves and three little tents for the kids. The little tents were a gift from an uncle and aunt.
They had a big generator and battery-powered tools, machetes, weed whackers, and a gasoline powered weed-wackers.

The four-wheeler.
They bought the land owner's four-wheeler since he would no longer need it.
Becky and Rachael had been out touring the land.

Sarah's Tent
Sarah wanted to demonstrate her one-man tent.

Trail through woods.
The property is in a 3 x 10 ratio with the narrow side along the road
and the long side extending west from the road toward Highway 59
This trail led from the camp area to the south side of the property and then followed the property line west.
A deer feeder is on the edge of the trail beyond the group.

The Field.
They were taking us down to the middle of the property to see the field. We came to a place where the trail was heavily overgrown and I realized that I could see an open area through the woods, so Rachael and I headed there.
She and I got to the clearing and the deer stand before the others got out of the woods.
The field is actually a wide natural gas pipeline easement.

Rachael in the deer stand.
The deer will be safe now that the Hickmans have bought the property.
Rachael has been cleaning inside the stand and Becky has been clear the ground below it.

Moss or fern on the trail
Nice patches of this fern or moss covered the early part of the trail.

Wild Bloom.
Ann noticed these little blooms growing at the base of the deer stand.

Love Bugs
This is "love bug" season in this part of Texas. They fly around in their mating embrace
and accidently coat the front ends of vehicles on the roads. They really are a mess.
They seemed to be attracted to the blooms on this weed by the deer stand. Three mating couples are shown here.

Ann and I stand by the firewood.
Becky wanted a picture of us by the pile of firewood.
I was trying to tell her how to use my camera and ended up looking weird.

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Posted 8/12/06