Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues

Sunday July 19, 2009

Waiting at the House of Blues
We got to the House of Blues just a few minutes before 11:00 a.m. which I thought was the time it opened. There was already a line at the door, but it soon became much longer. John, Louis, and Ann stayed in line while I wandered around to take some pictures. Louis is wearing a dark blue shirt talking to John. John is under the 'o' of 'of' but only the top of his head is visible. Ann is in front of Louis leaning on the railing.

Third Level Walkway
The walkway we were on seemed to provide a good view of some of the architectural features of the buildings around us, so I decided to take a few photos while we waited. This was a circular walkway feature where the walkway crossed the street. I remember something about the street air right of way being sold for structures like this.

View down the street to the southwest
I actually didn't realize that I was over the street until I looked around the corner at this view to the southwest on what I think is San Jancinto Street.

The street below the walkway
I saw that the street went right below the central opening.

The view toward downtown.
This is a view between the buildings toward the downtown area to the northwest. The House of Blues must be about halfway from the Convention Center and downton Houston.

More of the waiting line.
I took another photo of the folks waiting in line, just to show more of the architectural features.

View back toward town.
I still had time so I walk down the opposite walkway to see the view from there. That also put the sun more at my back.

The employees started opening the doors and peeking out to see who was there, so I hurried back to get in line.

Opening Number
The hostess, who has been a contestant on the national talent shows, introduced the gospel group by singing a number with them.
I thought she was their lead singer.

The Gospel Group
Five singing sisters. A brother, a couple of the husbands, and a nephew played the instruments.

Curtain Call
One of the men joined the sisters for the final number. Even after the curtain closed, he and the lead sisters kept singing.
I was taking a photo of the quilted pattern of the curtain and then found that they were in the photo.

The Jones Family Gospel Singers
I didn't have cash or check to buy one of their recordings, but I'm going to check out their web site. So we see from the cards they were passing out that they are the Jones Family Singers with a website at http://thejonesfamilysingers.org. Click the link to hear a sample of their singing. Their current intro page shows a view of them at the House of Blues and announces their scheduled performances there for the 18th and 19th.
(My laptop speakers are too 'tinny' to carry the bass, but it's still great music.)

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Posted 7/25/09