1998 Generation III Chrysler T&C LT Minivan

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve Swap

Most of these repairs will apply to all Generation 3 Plymouth, Dodge, and Chrysler minivans. So the key words are Gen 3, Gen III, Gen Three, Generation Three. Generation III Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth mini-vans were built in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000.

This minivan at about 185,000 had a "Service Engine Soon" light on at safety/pollution inspection time. That 'fails' the inspection, but I paid to get the rest of the inspection done and get a certificate for 15 days to repair. Circumstances prevented repair, and I lost the inspection fee.

A new valve with the electro/vacuum servo that goes with it cost $71 at O'Reilly's. It looks like the two pieces could be sold separately, but how would you know which was bad?

If you don't know where the EGR valve is, you'll have trouble finding it. Knowing what the thing looks like helped me find that it was located on the bottom of the intake manifold just behind the throttle body. The brake master cylinder blocks the view from the side. However, I was able to reach under the manifold with my left hand to help hold things in place and guide my wrench.

The rubber vacuum tubing didn't break or crack, and I figured out how to release the catches on the electrical connector. The connector has a red safety lock. The idea is to down on the red part and pull it out. Then the gray part can be squeezed as the connector is pulled out. I moved the parts around to get to the other side of the connector and used a thin flat-blade screwdriver to release both of those plastic catches.

This photo shows most of the EGR valve installed on a 2000 T&C with 3.8 L engine. I think most of Gen III will be the same.
EBR Valve Installed

The movie shows what I did with the 1998 T&C LT:


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Posted: 9/14/2012