Thanksgiving 2007

November 22

Thanksgiving Dinner

John and Madi have chosen Thanksgiving as the meal they want to host. At the Thanksgiving gathering this year I asked all to pose for the photo and managed to get a reasonable view of all who where there. (I'm behind the camera.) At the opposite end of the table are my three sons, my daughter, and her husband. The oldest, Jimy, is standing at the left; the youngest, John, is next to him; Phillip, Becky's husband, is also standing; Louis is seated; and Becky is standing this side of him. Phillip and Becky's children are Joshua and Sarah and the left of the table and Rachael on this side by Ann, who is standing by Becky.

John's wife, Madi, is at this end of the table and her son Jeff is on her right. Her sister, Izzy, who just moved down from the northeast is standing at the left by her husband, Andrew. Izzy's daughter, Katie, is on Madi's left. Katie's boyfriend, Larry, is beside her. Diane, a friend of John and Madi is sitting by Sarah.

Jimy's wife, Laura, was out in the country picking up Henry. Henry had spent the first part of the week at his grandparent's ranch.

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Posted: 11/23/07