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John is pouring out the black olives, one of Becky's favorite foods.
Ann and Phillip are working at the "island" in John and Madi's kitchen.

Laura and Madi, our two daughters-in-law are excited about something.

John and Ann are finishing the gravy.

The table is ready.

Louis and Rachael are waiting for dinner.
He is an avuncular uncle.

Sarah has lost her two lower front teeth, but ate with gusto.

Louis and Phillip are still waiting. Phillip is our son-in-law.

John is carving the turkey. Dinner is almost ready.

Becky is helping Rachael and Sarah get settled.
I reminded them that when I was a child the men ate first while the women served them,
then the women and children ate leftovers.
However, that may have been because only eight could fit around the table in the small dining room.

The far end of the table. This seems to be the only photo with Jimy in it.
A friend of John and Madi is at the end of the table.
I suppose I should say, "Stop eating! I'm taking a photo." :)

Sarah brought the placemat she made in school.
The turkey's wings' patterns were traced around her hands.

Sarah also made this centerpiece. The turkey is a little wild!

Laura's son, Henry, is our second oldest grandchild.
Madi's son was at his father's.

Rachael is a great artist.

She did this after lunch.

Mia on her comfy cushion.

Madi relaxes while the dishes are being done.

John and Madi get to rest after the guests are gone.
Ann took this photo with the old digital.

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Posted: 11/25/06
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