We Exchanged Christmas Gifts on New Year's Eve

Gift Wraps
Ann did a colorful job wrapping the many gift boxes. Other gifts were in boxes, tins, and bags.

Becky and Phillip.
Becky and Phillip are unwrapping gifts. The cup Becky is holding was from Grace Garden's in League City.
The ladies from church toured the place a couple of months ago and Becky admired these cups, so Ann secretly bought them for her.

Rachel, Rachael, and Laura
Jim and Laura brought their friend Rachel. Rachel moved here from Scotland about six years ago, but still has that nice English accent.
Laura and Rachel had been out horseback riding and we ate snacks until they arrived and then we started opening gifts.
Our Rachael is in the center with friend Rachel on her right and Aunt Laura on her left. Joshua is in the background.

Rachael's Bow. Sarah and the lady bug bow.
Rachael and Sarah model their bows from Bowtique Baby. I chose the bow that Rachael has on and everyone thought the 'lady bug' bow was cute on Sarah.

At the table
Josh, Sarah, Jim and John at the kitchen table.

Laura's Cookies
Laura made the cookies. Jim said he helped with the icing.
They were almost too pretty to eat, but were tasty!

Becky with Smiley Face Stuff Louis opening gift.
Becky and Louis checking out their gifts.

Sarah and bows Madi
Sarah decided that if one bow looked nice, four bows would look better! She had a white on a little ponytail.
Madi sitting at the kitchen table.

Playing Uno on the floor
Sarah got a deck of Hello Kitty Uno cards and she and Louis started a game. John and Rachel joined them.

Playing Triominoes
Ann likes Triominoes and is playing a game with Rachael and Joshua.
I sometimes have trouble with the automatic flash on my little digital camera. This was underexposed.

Stubb's Harley-Davidson
Here are couple of photos from the day before when Ann and I had lunch with John and Madi and her father and stepmother.
This is Stubb's new Harley-Davidson shop in Houston near the old Gulfgate Mall area.

Row ofHarley-Davidsons
They had rows of various models of Harley-Davidsons all over the large showroom.

John's Office
John in his office. He currently is recommending insurance for the customers and is supposed to start a bike rental department.


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Posted: 1/05/06
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