David William "Irving" Skipper was my father's older brother. He made a living as a professional photographer, but he did much more than that. He began his career painting advertising signs and then went on to 'silkscreen' printing, photography, and animation. I believe he said that he had the first sound movie camera in Little Rock. He had his own movie camera and projector even before that. He made promotional movies and TV commericials. He and his wife Nila did custom film processing and printing in their home. I learned most of what I know about photography from him.
   He retired from active work several years ago, but continued to try every novel camera that came along. These flower photos were selected from two rolls of 12-exposure 126 Cartridge Kodacolor film that was used in Instamatic cameras back in the '70s. I think he had a camera that had all the features of a modest single-lens reflex 35mm camera except that it used instamatic cartridge film rather than 35mm film. The shots appear to have been made with something with more features than an Instamatic box snapshot camera.
   Uncle Irving died last year at the age of 90. Aunt Nila was not mentally able to stay at home alone so she is in a special care facility.
   These flower photos are just a few of the hundred or so that I have found in sorting through his collection.