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The name of NASA's center at Houston was changed during the time Skylab was flying.
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Snoopy - The Symbol of a Space Program
There had been rumors that someone was going to try to stop the test, so security measures were heightened. Special precautions were made to limit entry into the building and a plywood wall was built around the immediate test area. The wall is visible in many of the photos.
A guard  controlled access to the test area and special badges were required for entry. The guard assigned to the regular shift during pre-test operations was a nice fellow, but got a lot of ribbing, because Deputy Barney Fife was a popular TV character then.
I asked to keep my old badge when we were issued the new Johnson Space Center badges and I was allowed to keep it after they cut a corner off. Several of us put SMEAT decals on our special SMEAT badges.
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In this view of the chamber from the second level of the high-bay, the plywood wall almost blends in with the other structures. An equipment platform is in the foreground of the photo. The white vertical cylinder visible at the upper left of the photo is the second level of the main test chamber. Other test equipment is located on the floor level around the chamber.
The test support technicians are waiting at their test stations for the crew to arrivive. They are inside the walled area shown in the overhead view of the chamber area at the upper left. The technicians typically came in a few hours before the rest of the test team to put all the equipment in test configuration and then they would 'stand by' until the test started.
The engineers also were often required to wait at test stations.
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