Left Eye Left Eye Left Eye
4 Mega Pixil Digital35mm B&W Film35mm Color Neg. Film
Location: A hallway in the church building.
Camera: Fujica ST605N-manual focus single-lens reflex 35mm w/cloth horizontally-traveling focal plane shutter and
               coupled match-needle exposure metering.
Lens: 55mm f/2.2 Fujinon
Film: Kodak Kodacolor ASA 100.
Lighting: Sunpak AP-52 Thyristor set on 'full' manual and bounced off a white umbrella reflector held over my left
Exposure Settings: 1/60 second (sync speed) at f/5.6 (probably)

The digitized images from the color print film were scanned from an 8x10 print. I scanned at a resolution that provided about a 3.5 meg file size for the full size and the face size images and about 2.5 megs for the eyes. They were resized to fit the page and saved in 'jpeg' format at what my software calls 90% quality.

This comparison puts the color film at a disadvantage because the eye is cropped from a full head and shoulders view while the B&W image and the digital image were of the head only. That means that they did not have to be enlarged as much as the eye from the color film to match its size.

Pinhole Photography - An old pinhole photograph is compared to a modern 35mm photo of the re-created scene with an explanation of the process for making a large-format pinhole photograph using photo enlarging paper.

Photographic Perspective - Our experience with photography gives us the impression that the focal length of the lens will create a particular perspective in the resulting photograph. However, the photos shown here illustrate that it is camera-to-subject distance, not lens focal length that makes the difference.

Stereo Photography - A stereo photo pair is displayed with instruction for viewing in 3-D by the "cross-eyed" technique. There is also a brief account of my experience with stereo photo systems and links to several excellent and comprehensive sites on stereo photography.

Film Resolution - A portrait of a young woman and enlargements of her eyes demonstrate the degree of resolution I was able to obtain with B&W 35mm film.

Bridal Portrait - A portrait of a young bride and enlargements of her eyes demonstrate the degree of resolution achieved with 35mm colorprint film.

Digital Portrait - A portrait of a young woman using a 4 mega pixil "point and shoot" Minolta DiMAGE digital camera. Indoor with on-camera flash and all automatic. The overall image was cropped a little from the original, resized, and saved at about 70% in ArcSoft. Then the eyes were cropped, resized, and saved at 70%.

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