Murrah Federal Building

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The Entrance
Nw 5th Street at N. Robinson

Old Basement Wall
Looking left from inside the entrance
toward the old basement area that was retained as a memorial.

Across the Pool to the Exit from the Entrance
The wall on the east end of the reflection pool
is marked "9:01;" on the west end, "9:03."
The world changed in the intervening minutes.

Across the Pool to the Exit from Poolside
The walk around the pool was paved with marble from the original building facing.

Memorial Plaques on the Basement Wall
Memorial plaques were installed on the east wall of the Murrah Building basement.

Memorial Chairs
Each chair represents a life lost in the explosion.
Names and information about the victims are inscribed on the clear chair bases.
The rows represent the building floors on which they died.

Overview of Pool and Chairs from Entrance
Looking to the southwest from the entrance across the length of the reflection pool showing
the memorial chairs behind the pines. The reflection pool is about one inch deep over a bed of black granite.

A Surviving Tree and Old Building
The old tree in the parking lot that was across the street from the Murrah Building survived the
explosion and all the demolition and memorial site contruction. It has been incorporated into the memorial.
The old building is now the museum for the memorial site.

View to the Southeast
Looking back across the pool from the north side near the exit.

Meditating at the Memorial Chairs
The early Sunday morning sun shining through the chair bases evoked a sense of awe.

Sunlit Chairs
The Sunday morning sun sheds its brilliant glory!
Our church Seniors group was just stopping for the night in Oklahoma City on a trip to South Dakota
with no time in our schedule planned for this stop.
But time seemed to stand still for a brief moment on Sunday morning for this special time of worship.

The authorities have allowed the public to express their feelings with memorial objects
placed on this old constuction fence left at the exit just for this purpose.

More Momentoes
The construction fence continued on down the block toward the museum.

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Posted: 9/12/06
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