Shadycrest Baptist Church
Pearland, Texas

Men's Kayaking Trip
San Marcos River

More river.
Our group had begun to stretch out along the river below the dam. The current was a little faster, but I had to paddle to keep up. The plants along the bank make me think of a prairie type landscape although you probably wouldn't see trees like that on the prairie.

More Trees
Here the river takes on that jungle look again. The logs in the stream were easier to get around here than in that previous rough section.

Gravel Bar Rapids
I guess this gravel bar was the closest thing to a rapids that we went over. The current went to the left and then back to the right over the gravel at that little piece of land. I watched the others and tried to stick with the current to let it carry me through. I then turned to photograph the others coming through.

Low Water Bridge
This is the low water bridge on CR 266, Old Bastrop Rd. I recognized it because we had crossed it in the bus while looking for the Canoe Livery Service. I knew that our destination was not far away. It is about 5.5 miles from the beginning point to this bridge.

Cyprus Tree Rope Swing
The boys saw a rope swing hanging from one of this group of big cyprus trees and they stopped to play. One of the adults stopped to watched out for them. Way down the river you can see a couple of groups on inner tubes.

It was nice and cool with only occasional headwinds as I pressed on and I was by myself when I went past the flotilla of tire tubes full of young people, coolers, and a music machine. We waved and one fellow offered me a beer. I told him "No thanks, I don't drink." He asked, "How about a Sprite?" I whipped that kayak right around and headed back for that, because I had lost my water bottle at a portage or when I flipped over and I was really thirsty. The young peopls thought it was neat to give an old guy a soft drink. I wish I had taken a photo of them.

Final Kayak
One of my old friends was the last to come in. He said he had just been taking it easy. One of the groups of young people on inner tubes is across the river from him. The total distance of the trip was about 7 miles and it took us about 4 hours.

Supper was waiting

We got back to the kayak rental place at about 3:30 where hamburgers and hotdogs awaited us. Our music minister and another guy had stayed behind cook for us. We left soon after 4:00 and were back in Pearland by sundown. We were back home by 7:45

The Beginning - The beginning of the trip and our float from the San Marcos City park to the swimming hole in the river above the dam of the dam at Rio Vista park.
Baptism/Rough Water - Some go around the dam at Rio Vista and some go over the dam. We continue on a swifter section of the river where we incountered more obstacles. We assembled at a dam that split the river into two parts and faced the decision of portage or tackling a rough section of the river that we had been warned not to take. The most challenging part of the river is difficult to photograph while trying to stay in the kayak, in the current and keeping the camera dry.
Slow Stretch - The Blanco River joins the San Marcos at a big bend in the river. The river was wide and deep with a slow current as it was held back by a big, old Cummings mill dam.
Final Passage - Big cypress trees. A floating pack of young tubers help me quench my thirst. Back at the camp for supper.

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Posted 3/2/06