The Envelope

Souvenir Photos from Hawaii in 1945

Ann's Uncle Willard Hendrick mailed her this little (3x5 inch) set of Hawaiian souvenir photos on May 2, 1945, just a little over 60 years ago. These are actual photographic prints on photographic paper by Fritz Kraft of Honolulu, Hawaii, not ink printed reproductions. The photo of Uncle Willard was smaller than 3x5 and was in the envelope with the others. I assume he sent it at the same time. I've reproduced it the same size as the others. He served in the Navy and was stationed in Hawaii for most of his tour of duty.

Willard Hendrick Scenic Overlook

Hulu Dancer at Curio Shop
Bridge at Lagoon
Sunset behind the beach
Palms along beach
Pineapple Field?
Sunset behind the trees

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