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Jeannne, Sarah, Josh, and Will at Old Liberty Cemetery Trip to Arkansas - May 2002
We drove to Hope and visited Ray and Martha then on to Cleveland for Decoration Day on May 12th and then to Springdale for a visit with Ann's family. The photos include ones of Ray and me, West Point Remove Creek, Old Liberty Cemetery, Daddy and the family by the tombstone, the Flory family singing, photos at the Lanty Cemetery, Jesse Jones by his parents' tombstone, and the picnic at Francy's. Also, the old Arkansas Jones mansion.

Laura's decorative glazed sugar cookies. Christmas Gift Exchange - December 31, 2005
We all gathered at Becky and Phillips for a Christmas gift exchange on New Year's Eve.

Entrance to the Hickman property way up in the woods Trip to Hickman Woods - September 2006
Becky and Phillip and the kids had set up a camp on their 30 acres north of Cleveland, Texas, and we drove up to visit them one day. This photo shows the entrance to the property as it looked then. The road beside the property has been reworked and so has the entrance. It was an overcast day so the photos have a soft, low contrast look to them, but these are nice photos of the family in a rustic setting.

Gathered at the Thanksgiving table. Thanksgiving 2006 - November
We all gathered at John and Madi's for a great Thanksgiving Day and meal.

Gathered at the Thanksgiving table. Thanksgiving 2007 - November 22
We all gathered at John and Madi's for a great Thanksgiving Day and meal.

Family gathered on our front porch. Family Hamburger and Hot Dog Night - September 29, 2007
The family came over for meal of hamburgers and hot dogs on the recently enclosed and fixed up front porch.

Ann and Louis at Sign Apollo 11 Fortieth Anniversary Celebration at UHCL - Saturday, July 18, 2009
The University of Houston - Clear Lake has a close association with the Johnson Space Center. In the mid-60's the center director encourage the University of Houston to locate a branch in the Clear Lake area for easy access by Center employees. Becky got her MBA at UHCL and so she got word that this Apollo 11 40th Anniversary program was planned. It was original planned for outdoors with an old fashioned picnic and an Apollo 11 video on an inflatable screen. Thunder storms and threat of more rain required them to move things indoors.

Entrance to the House of Blues Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues - Sunday, July 19, 2009
When the House of Blues opened in Houston last year, Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi came for the big opening. The Harley-Davidson, dealership where my youngest son works, sponsored a motorcycle ride from the dealership to the House of Blues and my son helped organize it and had a great time with all the famous people and the mass of motocyclists that took part. He occasionally gets free tickets and he took us to the Gospel Brunch Sunday morning after early church. That part of Houston is being modernized or something so I took a few photos of the area and a couple inside.

Jack and Aiñe's Wedding - - - - PAGE IS STILL IN WORK Jack and Aiñe's Wedding - Saturday, August 1, 2009
We went to the wedding. We try to make a trip to Arkansas each August for Ann's Dad's birthday because the rest of the family is usually there and it makes a nice family reunion. This year Jack's and Aiñe's wedding was planned for the same time and we all were there. (Except Mr. and Mrs. Jones who were too old to travel.) Here are some snapshots I took before, during and after the wedding and some from the reception. They probably have hundreds of photos from all the other people who had cameras.

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