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A family portrait made by the tree in our front yard in the fall of 1973. This photo illustrates the difficulty of using color slide film. It has a limited 'latitude' for exposure (especially Kodachrome) so it dosen't cover a light level of bright sun to partial shade very well. This results in contrasty pictures and a complete loss of quality if the overall exposure is very far off. The exposure here was pretty close for the partial shade, but the sky is totally burned out and the deep shadows are black.
The family picture with motion added. We couldnít do it with the self-timer so I had to snap it.. This was the best of two or three tries. Louis wanted this picture for the first photo on the other family album page.
Kids on the bridge in the city park in Springdale, Arkansas, where Annís parents live. This little stream is now under a pond and the library has been expanded right up to the bank of the pond. Their toes just reach the water.
Self-portrait made in February 1981 near my fortieth birthday. This was handheld. I was using the normal 55mm lens on the camera; a wide-angle lens such as a 28mm or even a 35mm would have been a little easier to aim and would have included a greater area which could have then been cropped as desired. Fortunately this didnít need much cropping. This image does illustrate the high contrast of Kodachrome slide film.