Enchanted Rock Trail

Enchanted Rock area from entrance sign.

We stopped beside the road near the park entrance. This location provides a great view of Enchanted Rock. Several people are visible scattered over the rock. The trail begins its climb in the far distance just to the right of the park sign. It goes up to the left just beyond the very large pinkish boulders at the lower center of the photo. It continues up over the bare grayish area toward the small bushes and the 'scar.' It then swings around the right end of the scar and continues to the top along various routes. Actually there probably are few areas on this side that can't be hiked over. This image was scanned from the 35mm color negative. The Nikkormat FTn camera had a 80 - 200mm zoom telephoto Prospec lens. Exposure was estimated at 1/250 & f11.

Enchanted Rock from Headquarters.

This view is from the parking lot behind the park headquarters building. The major landmarks are still visible: the large pinkish boulders near the start of the climb and the 'scar' about half-way up.

View from the steps at the Gazebo.

There is a gazebo at the start of the trail just beyond the parking areas. A sign there has a warning to avoid walking on the vegetation on top of the rock. A set of log steps leads down to Sandy Creek. The landmark pink boulders and scar are still visible but the scar seems closer to the top from this perspective.

The lower part of trail.

The first part of the trail crosses the meadow on the bank of Sandy Creek. From this level area, the trail turns right and begins the ascent. There are about a dozen other people along that part of the trail. The trail turns left through the gap in the trees and past the large pink boulders and then begins the ascent of the bare granite.

Trail through the rocky area.

This is the part of the trail that runs through the gap in the trees. The pink boulders are out of the view on the left. The initial climb on the bare granite is much steeper than it appears to be in this photo. A trail sign is visible in the distance.

Photo of me on the trail.

Ann had to rest and told me to continue. She took this photo with her 'point-and-shoot' 35mm camera and this image was scanned from the negative. I am near the end of the rocky part of the trail and almost to the initial steep climb up onto the solid granite area. The trail sign is bigger in this photo, but still unreadable. After my climb past that sign, I turned right and went toward the 'scar.'

View back down the trail.

I stopped to rest after the steep section and took this photo back down the trail. The entrance sign is visible, if you know where to look. Follow the road from the left until it passes a hazy gray looking tree obscuring the view of the road and then some dark green trees behind it on the other side of the road. The sign is on this side of the road near the dark green trees. The entrance road is just this side of the sign.

The Scar.

The 'scar' apparently was a layer of rock that broke away from the main body of the hill and then broke into large blocks. Of course, from this perspective the scar appears to be closer to the top than it appeared to be in the early views made from a great distance. The rock does have fissures and irregularities where dirt has collected and plants can grow.

The right end of the 'scar'.

Most people seemed to be going around the right end of the 'scar' so I headed that way. A couple of people were sitting on a big block there and I joined them for a rest.

Another view back down the trail.

I took another photo back along the trail at another rest stop. This is from a location above the scar. The gazebo is clearly visible. One of the parking areas is just beyond the gazebo and part of the red roof of the park building is visible in the trees past the parking area. The road into the park is just beyond the park building and the park sign is at the junction with the main road.

View of the Summit

My goal is in sight! Of course, the old dead tree had not been visible in either the digital camera screen or the view finder of the Nikkormat, but it was obvious at this point that it was near the summit.

At the top.

The summit was very large and mostly level. This shows the pink color in contrast to the bright green of the plants growing in the shallow depression. Apparently the rain fall in the area this year has been adequate to keep the depression filled.

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Posted: 3/16/05