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Old Liberty Decoration Day - 2005

at the cemetery, page 2

Terrie's Bunch

My step-dad's maternal cousin, Elmas Rhodes O'Neal, had four children. Her two youngest were my age and we grew up together. Her oldest child had two children, Terrie and Kent (Frames 7 & 9), who are the ages of my little sister and brother. Now that we are all grown up we are better acquainted. Terrie is at the end of the blanker and her daughter Rusty is holding the baby. Rusty's children did the sweetest signing of a hymn that I have seen. There was an older daughter in the group who looked like a ballerina during her signing. Signing is using sign language in a flowing motion to interpret the words and rythm of the hymn.

Terrie's Granddaughters

Here is a picture of all three of the girls and their twin cousins on the other blanket.

Kent's Wife and Kids

Kent Holder married this beautiful young woman several years ago and I have a photo of their first dinner on a blanket at Decoration Day before the birth of their first child. Since then they've had all of these. She helped the kids sing during the morning program and then she and Kent did a sweet duet. Kent was off visiting during lunch time, so I didn't get him in this picture of his family. I think that it's obvious who the twins are.

Sarah Connie

After lunch the family called us over so that my siblings and I could be photographed by our parents' tombstone. After they took all the photos in all the arrangements they wanted, I walked back toward the building where my sister-in-law and my niece were standing and got these casual portraits. Aren't they photogenic?

Charlie and Amelia Charlie and Amelia Charlie and Amelia

I noticed that Charlie and Amelia were walking back from the other end of the cemetery and photographed them while they were cutting up a little. They are second cousins, but so similar one would think they are sisters. Their fathers are my step-cousins and sons of my step-dad's two younger sisters shown in a previous photo. They were in previous photos also.



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Posted: 5/15/05