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Old Liberty Decoration Day - 2005
(the day before)

View from Hamburger Shop Porch View Inside Hamburger Shop Porch

We arrived in Conway County on Friday afternoon before Mother's Day. We met Marinelle and Sonny at her house in Morrilton and went out to eat with them. After a visit, they went on out to Center Ridge to stay with his mother because she isn't feeling well. The next morning another sister called and said that a third sister had found out that Dickie Reynolds, one of my high school classmates, had died unexpectedly and that the funeral was scheduled for 10:00. We got ready and went to the funeral. The church house in Hattieville was overflowing, but we got seats inside. Four other classmates were there and we had a mini-reunion after the funeral.

Ann and I drove on north to St. Vincent for lunch at this little barbeque restaurant beside State Highway 95 in a horse pasture. It's nice to watch the horses while we eat. (There's a fence around the restaurant, so the horses aren't up close.) I took photos of the horses on a previous visit. The weather was beautiful so the view from the porch was great; the people of St. Vincent maintain their property in wonderful condition. Several customers came to the drive-thru and others came inside. This woman and her daughter had some dogs with them and the dogs ran around outside while they waited for their order. We discussed the dogs and pets in general.

We called my brother to see if they wanted us to bring hamburgers out to the house, but got no answer so we drove over to Center Ridge to see if a fellow there would buy the cedar from the 20-acre parcel of land that I inherited from my Grandfather Maxwell. The fellow said he'd look at them and let us know. He said he pays $15 per ton.

Some black cows with white faces.
Herford Bull Black Cows

We to make a U-turn on Highway 124 on the way to Center Ridge while trying to locate the guy who buys cedar and we turned where these cows and bulls were. The large group of white-face cows was on one side of the side road and the black cows and the Hereford bull were on the other side.

Old Liberty Cemetery Building

After we talked to the man about harvesting the cedars we drove on to Cleveland. John and his family were still not back at the house, but Marinelle was there visiting with an old couple who had stopped to visit Daddy, not knowing that he had died a year ago. After they left we went on to Old Liberty Cemetery to help Marinelle clean the tombstone and put flowers at the grave. I usually don't photograph the building from the cemetery, but the lighting was so good in the late afternoon that I took this one. John still wasn't at the house when we drove back through Cleveland and we were tired so we went back to Morrilton and took a nap.

After our naps we drove to Russellville and met Sherrye and her extended family at a Chinese buffet restaurant. Marinelle and Sonny joined us there. We had a nice meal and visit at the restaurant and then went to Sherrye's. Her son and his girl friend had just driven in from St. Louis, her step-daughter and son-in-law were in from Cabot, and her step-son and his girl friend were there. Also her mother- and father-in-law. Sherrye raised two older step children and her son and then these two younger ones. She's a great mother to them all. After a nice visit with all of them, we drove back to Morrilton for the night.



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Posted: 5/15/05