Dave and Kate Skipper

Dave and Kate Skipper

David James Skipper and Mary Catherine Dillon
8/18/1849 - 12/24/1909 and 2/8/1851 - 2/9/1914
Of Conway County Arkansas

Ray Don Bostian, 161, C.R. 166 South, Hope, AR 71801
placed on this site by
James M. Skipper
(who added additional information about Mary)

David James Skipper was born in North Carolina (apparently New Hanover County) on August 18, 1849. His father was Joseph W. Skipper and his mother was Susan Louisa Garnto. Only his maternal grandmother, Rebecca Garnto, is known of at this writing. In the early 1850s the Skippers moved from North Carolina to Tennessee and lived three or four years. Dave was just a little boy of 3 or 4 when they moved.

Mary Catherine Dillon was born in Tennessee February 8, 1851 (but her tombstone says 1849). Her parents were James B. Dillon and Harriet Margaret Rogers. James was 32 years old and Harriet was 34. They had been married nine years and had three older children.

James Dillon was the son of Joshua Dillon, Jr., who was born in South Carolina on November 10, 1773, and Mary Breeding. The Joshua Dillon family moved to Tennessee between 1810 and 1815 and James was born there in 1819. The Dillon family lived in Montgomery County and Joshua and Mary were buried there. They spelled their name “Dilling” most of the time.

James and Harriet Dillon had another daughter two years after Mary Catherine and then they moved to Arkansas. It is interesting to speculate that Dave Skipper and his parents had lived in Montgomery County during their stay in Tennessee and had influenced the Dillons to make their move. It is even possible that the two families were acquainted back in the Carolinas back in the early 1800s.

Whatever the case may be, David James (also known as Dave and 'Big Jim') came to Conway County with his parents at age 7. They had migrated west arriving in Conway County in late 1856, clearing virgin land for farming between Solgohachia and Lanty (See article on Joseph Skipper.) and both families were living in Washington Township, Conway County, Arkansas during the 1860 Census. Dave Skipper's age was listed as 10 and Mary's as nine.

By 1868 Dave was 18 and Mary was 17. The exact date of their marriage isn't known, but their first child was born in 1869. According to the 1900 U.S. Census and family records, they had 10 children, 9 of whom lived to marry and have children of their own. The photographs of Dave and Mary were taken in about 1900 or a little earlier. Their 30th wedding anniversary would have been around 1898.

Names and dates are not guaranteed. The following information is taken from what the writer considers to be the best sources of information on these ten Skipper children:

  1. Mary Florence, born September 20, 1869, married John Franklin Kriselll, died September 26, 1903. Buried at Lone Grove Cemetery.
  2. Harriet Lucretia, born September 1872, married James Franklin Lloyd, buried at Lone Grove.
  3. Louisa 'Lou' Rebecca, born December 13, 1874, married Andrew LaFayette Treece, died March 17, 1954, buried at Jonesboro, Ark.
  4. John Quincy, born February 27, 1877, married Mary Magdalene Sands and Martha Bradshew Bice, died April 17, 1931, buried at McLaren Cemetery, Lanty (see related article).
  5. Elizabeth 'Betty' Casandra, born July 10, 1879, married Sonnetia Harzona 'Nett' Cowan, died February 12, 1931, buried Lone Grove.
  6. James Arthur, born June 19, 1882 married Josephine Noland, died February 9, 1940, buried at England, Ark.
  7. David, born 1885, died at 18 months in 1886.
  8. Rosie Elmer, born August 21, 1887, married John W. Edwards, died February 12, 1974, buried at Gore1 Oklahoma.
  9. Carl Toby, born December 14, 1889, married Ida Octavia Treadwell, died September 21, 1950, buried, England, Ark.
  10. . Ethel Pauline, born June 18, 1894, married James Phillip Turner, died February 10, 1957. buried at Gore, Oklahoma.

Apparently all the children were born and reared on their parents’ farm. The entire Skipper land (including Dave’s father and two brothers) was at one time around 600 or more acres in the area around the prominent landmark south of Lanty that was called Skipper Mountain in the late 1800s. The mountain, a large dome shaped tree covered hill rising about 400 feet above the surrounding pasture land, is now called Round Mountain as all the Skippers have died or moved away.

Dave and Kate in 1900 The farm was quite self-sustaining. Grandchildren can remember a large orchard, corn, cotton, and gardens. Also cows, pigs, chickens, and geese (for feather bedding). There were mules and horses, but Dave still liked to use oxen for draft animals. (A family story says that Theodore Roosevelt, passing through the area, had words of admiration for Dave’s oxen team.) The wool from Angora goats was spun and weaved into clothing and other textiles. (Some recall a high log bridge over a road for the goats to get from pasture to pasture.) There was a leather tanning vat and tools for making shoes, saddles, and other leather goods for farm use. There was a large blacksmith shop with a large bellows (that kids liked to ride up and down) for making and repairing equipment, including shoes for the oxen.

Dave’s independence is reflected in a story told by a young Morrilton cotton buyer. When he was just starting out, he saw an old gray-bearded man coming into town with a bale of cotton on a wagon pulled by oxen. [Round mountain is about 10 miles from town.] The young buyer brashly ran and hopped onto the wagon, preparing to cut a sample from the bale. "Say, grandpa, how much you want for this cotton?" "Don’t cut my cotton, boy!" the old man replied. Next thing the young man knew, he was on the ground in the middle of the street nursing a knot on his head from the bull whip handle, the wagon continuing slowly down the street. He learned the hard way that Dave Skipper allowed no one to sample his cotton without his specific permission in advance. The buyer also learned to be more respectful of the local farmers.

Another story relates how Dave once set a trap inside his corn crib thinking that raccoons were reaching through the logs. Next morning, he found a man trying to get his trapped hand back through the narrow space. Dave turned him loose, doctored his arm, fed him breakfast, and gave him a sack of corn, telling him not to steal but to ask for the corn if he was that desperate. The man never stole from him again.

A Snapshot of the Skippers in Conway County in 1900

In the final year of the nineteenth century, Louisa Garnto Skipper was living with her son, David James Skipper, and his family in residence #17. They were the 17th family surveyed. Louisa had been the young wife of Joseph W. Skipper when they migrated from North Carolina through Tennessee to Conway County in the early 1850s. She had two daughters while they were in Tennessee. The 1900 Census list her age as 69 and her birth date as August 1830. Louisa was a widow and reported that she had had eleven children and that four of them were still living. Joseph died before the 1880 Census, probably in 1878. Louisa's mother, Rebecca Garnto, had come to Arkansas with Louisa and the family. Rebecca died after 1890 in her 80s.

David James Skipper was Louisa's second son. He and Mary Catherine Dillon had been married for 31 years. She had had ten children and nine were still living. Four were still living at home. Four daughters and one son were married and living on their own. The four children at home were my grandfather, James Arthur Skipper, who was 17 years old; Rosa Elmer Skipper, age 12; Carl Toby Skipper, age10; and Ethel Pauline Skipper, age five.

Dave's younger brother, John W. Skipper, and his family lived in residence #28. John was listed as 48 years old although he was almost 49. He and Nancy had been married for 19 years and they had one son, Napoleon B. Skipper, who was 16 years old. John had been married before, but his first wife apparently had died at a young age. The young orphaned children of another Skipper brother, G. W., lived with John and Nancy. These children were Ira. N. Skipper, age 7; Ora M. Skipper, age 6; and Hobart C. Skipper age 3. Ira Skipper was born the same year as my Grandfather Luther Maxwell and both were school teachers in Conway County.

G. W. Skipper was a prominent citizen in Conway County in the late 1800s and an article in the 1890 book of Arkansas citizens provides valuable family information that has replaced what has been lost in the burned 1890 Census. G. W. was born in 1860 after the family got to Conway County. I don't know what happened to him and his wife to cause the children to have to be placed with his older brother, John W. Skipper, but if he had died, it would have been in his 30s.

Dave and Kate's four married daughters were Florence Krisell, Harriet Lucretia Lloyd, Louisa Rebecca Treece, and Elizabeth Casandra Cowan.

Florence was 30 years old. She and John Franklin Krisell had been married for twelve years and had eight children ranging in age from one to eleven. More details about the children are on Florence's page. They lived in residence #4 and were the fourth family surveyed. John's father, Moses Krisell, live in residence five with a younger son, James A. Krisell. Moses was 63 and widowed. James was 17. Florence only lived four more years.

Harriet was 27 years old. She and James Franklin Lloyd, 34, had been married for twelve years and they had had six children but only five were living. Harriet is the daughter who had to have a parental permission slip to get married at such a young age. They lived in residence #16 near her parents, Dave and Kate. Harriet had two daughters and three sons ranging in age from one to eleven. More details of the family are on Harriet's page. There is a page for each daughter.

Lou was 25 years old. She and Andrew LaFayette Treece had been married for three years and had two children, Russell A. Treece, age one, and Almah, age two months. They lived in residence #27. Andrew did the McLaren Township census in early June. Some of this was done on June 4th.

Betty was a month short of her 21st birthday. She and Sonnetia Harzona Cowan had been married for three years and had two sons, Leon, who was two years old, and Leonard, who was five months. They lived in residence #1 and were the first family surveyed in McLaren Township.

Their brother John Quincy Skipper was 23 years old. He was born between Lou and Betty. He and Mary Magdalene Sands had just been married a couple of years and had one daughter, Ida Sexton Skipper. Ida was only two months old. Ida was born in St Vincent but the family now was back in McLaren Township in residence #7. St. Vincent was just a couple of miles west of the Dave Skipper home.

When you add up all the grandchildren, you get nineteen ranging in ages from three little babies up to two eleven-year-olds. Add to that nine children, four sons-in-law and a daughter-in-law, grandma, and Dave and Kate and you'd have a mighty big family get-together.

Louisa's sons, James and John, lived in Conway County in 1900. G.W. had died and his children were living with John. If four of Louisa's children were still living at the time of the census, the other two must have been two remaining daughters.

A Skipper girl nick-named "Deed" had married a Rentfro man but there is a discrepancy in the available information. Skipper family information indicates that the youngest daughter was called Deed. Rentfro family information about the marriage indicates that the woman named Deed would have been one of the older daughters. There is a five to ten year discrepancy. The Skipper information indicates that Mavan was called "Deed." She would have been 33 years old in 1900. A daughter, Mary, would have been 37 in 1900 and Louisa Jane would have been 43. The Rentfro family information says that David Rentfro and Deed Skipper had a daughter, Ellen Louise Rentfro, on October 9, 1874. Mavan would have been only eight years old then, Mary would have been 13 and Louisa Jane would have been 17. I like to think that Louisa Jane was called "Deed" and that she was the mother of Ellen Louise. Perhaps Mavan was the other living child in 1900.


Kate in later years.
"Mary Kate"
Mary Catherine Skipper
in her later years
Dave and Mary Kate's oldest daughter, Florence, died in 1904 in childbirth at the age of 34. Dave died in 1909 at the age of 60. His mother, Louisa, had probably died by that time; there is no record of her in 1910. Mary Kate moved in with my grandfather, Jim and his new wife and child. Mary Kate died in 1914 and there was a dispute over the property. Jim, his wife, and two children moved to England, Arkansas in 1917. Carl Toby moved there soon after that. Dave and Kate's two youngest daughters moved to Oklahoma. Lou and Alfred Treece moved to Jonesboro, Arkansas. Harriet died in 918 at the age of 45. John Quincy's wife also died that year. That left John Quincy and his children; his sister, Betty Cowan, and her family; and Harriet's husband and family in Conway County. John's cousins, Napoleon, Ira, Ora, and Hobart Skipper seem to have stayed in Conway County also.

Dave Skipper died December 24, 1909. Mary Katherine died February 9, 1914. (However, an existing insurance policy for James A. Skipper records that she died in 1912. Earlier there is a reference to a two-year discrepancy in her birth year and here is a two-year discrepancy in her year of death.) They were buried at McLaren Cemetery near Lanty. Dave’s grave marker indicates that he was a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. [The cemetery is about three miles north of Round Mountain and just south of Lanty.]

Tombstone The photo on the right (courtesy of Jan Porterfield) shows Mary Catherine in her later years.The framed photo on the left shows two of their great, great grandchildren, John Luther and Rebecca Louise Skipper, standing beside Dave's tombstone. The photo was taken about 1988.

The story continues with James A. Skipper, Sr. who was 27 the year Dave died. James was postmaster of Solgahachia, Arkansas, from 1908 to 1912. The James Skipper family moved to England, Arkansas, about three years after his mother died. He was postmaster at England into the 1930’s. His wife Josephine had a used clothing and shoe repair business that she managed for several years. Return to the Site Index and select the James A. Skipper, Sr. story.

Mary Florence Skipper
and John F. Krisell
Leonard Ernest Krisell 1888
and Jeanette Evans
Leonard Krisell 1912
Pearl Marie Krisell 1914
James Othel Krisell 1916 Joe Earnest Krisell (son Brandon)
Bonny Hudson (sons Randall James and Robert Charles and Grandson Gavin Charles)
Wayne Gus 'Billy" Krisell
(1919- )
Beverly (son James)
Martha Delores Krisell 1921
Herbert Krisell 1923
Grace Lavern Krisell 1925
Mary Opal Krisell 1927
Ellen Mae Krisell 1931
William Hobart Krisell 1932
Clara Faye Krisell 1934
Ernest 'Junior' Krisell 1937
Mary Frances Krisell 1889
and Elmer L. Bizzell
Cecil Bizzell
Mildred Bizzell
Willard Bizzell
Vivian Bizzell
Ruth Bizzell
Jean Bizzell
Mary Lee Bizzell
Elmo Bizzell
Dave Lindsey Krisell 1891
and Willie Franklin Noland
David Wilbourn Krisell 1915
Florence Matilda Krisell 1917
Margarette Lavern Krisell 1919
Sybil Maxine Krisell 1923
Edith Eileen Krisell 1926
William Walton Krisell 1929
Betty Jo Krisell 1932
Nancy Delores Krisell 1892
and Roy Hillis
Lee Roy Hillis
Ruby Hillis
Burl Hillis
Grady Hillis
Ola Katherine Hillis
Fay Hillis
Roy Hillis, Jr.
Cora Katherine Krisell 1894
and Mannie Noland
Great Grandchildren
Lou Ellen Krisell 1895
and Charles Fletcher Bizzell
Betty Jewell Bizzell 1917
Walter Murl Bizzell 1920
Lucian C. Bizzell 1922
Moses Hobert Krisell 1896-1971
and Jessie Edna Matthews 1904-1982
Carl Lee Krisell Moses Hobert Krisell, Jr. 1927
J. W. Krisell
James Monroe Krisell 1935
Mary Dean Krisell 1937
Ralph Matthews Krisell 1940
David Ed Krisell 1943
Paul Wayne Krisell 1947
Lynd Ruth Krisell 1950-1970
Olen Quincy Krisell 1898
and Ollie Bruce
Olin Quincy Krisell, Jr. 1924
James Arthur Krisell 1901
and Evelene Hurst
James Darvin Krisell 1926
Harriet Lucretia Skipper 1872-1918
and James Lloyd
Avoline Lloyd 1888 - 1980
Benjamin Harrison Adams 1887 - 1956
Earl Adams 1915 - 1916
Rachael Adams 1916 - 2004
Irvin David Wieland 1910 - 1971
Carol Ann Wieland 1945
Martha Jane Wieland 1949
Edwan "Nat" Adams 1919 -1997
Helen Marie Bridgeman
Juanita Adams 1920 - 2001
Paul Presley Ridling 1912 - 1991
Coralie Ridling 1946
Married Larry Hawkins 1943 - 2000
William D. 'Bud' Lloyd 1892 Great Grandchild
James Arthur Henry Lloyd 1894 Great Grandchild Becky West
Great Grandchild Cathy Voss Zimmerman?
John Lincoln Loyd 1896 - 1960 James Howard Loyd 1925 Marianne Estes
James Moses Loyd
William Howard Loyd
Anita June Loyd
Dewey Lloyd 1898 Great Grandchild
Napoleon Lloyd 1902 Great Grandchild
Arkie Laverne Lloyd
6/26/1905 - 10/1987
William Height
Charles Allen Height 9/4/27 Louise Ganaway
12/19/22 - 10/27/2003
Debbie Ganaway
Andy Ganaway
Lucy Lloyd
5/24/1908 - 7/7/1958
James Cecil Stover
9/3/1899 - 5/22/1955
Betty Jo Stover 10/9/1927
Lewis Serifino Borghi 5/18/1925
Betty Louise Borghi
Albert Cecil Stover 2/7/1930
Betty Lou Hill 1/13/1931
Debra Diane Stover
David Allen Stover
Dr. Danny Dean Stover D.M.A.
Sharon Gail Stover 12/13/1944
Richard Joe Robertson 8/9/1948
James Adam Robertson
Louisa Rebecca Skipper 1874-1954
and Andrew Lafayette Treece
Russel Alger Treece 1897-1954 Great Grandchild
Alvah "Alva" Treece 1900-1979 Mary Louis Kahre McAuley 1921 Janice McAuley Waters
Kate Elizabeth Treece 1909 Great Grandchild
Betty Catheryn Treece 1911 Great Grandchild
Otis Arden Treece 1914-WWII Greatgrandchildren
Charles Hughes Treece 1917 Great Grandchild
John Quincy Skipper 1877
and Mary Magdalene Sands
and Martha (ne Bradshaw) Bice
Ida Saxton Skipper 1900
and Don Taylor Bostian
Iris Dalene 1923 Jimmy Surratt
Donnelle Surratt
Iris Lynn Surratt
Cheryl Surratt
Shirley Lee 1926 Glenda Whittimore
Vivian Whittimore
Muriel Dean 1928 Gayle Bodenheimer
Cathy Bodenheimer
Roger Don Bodenheimer
Kelly Bodenheimer
Matthew Bradshaw
Ray Don Bostian 1933
Martha Elam
Rachel Bostian
Laura Bostian
David Ray Bostian
Ida Bostian
Annie Lee Skipper 1901
and Claude Evans
Great Grandchild
Arthur Franklin 'Son' Skipper 1903
and Mae Evans
Charles Ray Skipper
Billy Frank Skipper Billy Ray Skipper
(his son, Ronny James
and daughter, Erika Nicola)
Gordon Lamar Skipper 1906
and Effie Parker
Great Grandchild
Bertha Carew Skipper 1907
and Marvin Koonce
Great Grandchild
Naomi Mae Skipper 1908
and George Mohr
Bradley Mohr
Delma Catherine Skipper 1910
and Jerrold Atkinson
Great Grandchild
George Quincy 'Bill' Skipper 1912 - 1931
Adam Bradley Skipper 1914
and Evelyn Sisson
Great Grandchild
Winnie Dale Skipper 1916
and Curtis Craine
Great Grandchild
Glenn Bradley Bice Skipper 1918
and Erma Lee McClung
Great Grandchild
Walter Marion 'WM' Bice Skipper 1921
and Billie Wetzell
Great Grandchild
John Quincy Skipper, Jr. 1925
and Rebecca Newberry
Great Grandchild
Elizabeth Casandra 'Betty' Skipper 1880
and Sonnetia H. Cowan
Leon Cowan 1897 Great Grandchild
Leonard Cowan 1899 Great Grandchild
William Cowan 1902 Great Grandchild
Katie Cowan Great Grandchild
Stella Cowan 1910 Great Grandchild
Sturl Cowan 1910 Great Grandchild
Arbra Cowan Great Grandchild
James Arthur Skipper 1883
and Mayola Josephine Noland
Thelma Skipper 1908 Virginia Edgeworth
Elizabeth Edgeworth
David William 'Irving' Skipper 1911
Mildred Pauline Skipper 1919 Skipper Yawney 1946
James Arthur Skipper, Jr. 1921 - WWII James Maxwell Skipper 1941 James Maxwell Skipper, Jr.
Louis Lee Skipper
Rebecca Louise Skipper
John Luther Skipper
Jeanne Fran Skipper 1942 twin Joshua Dalzell (with Sarah, Aiden April 2003)
Nell Elaine Dalzell (with Tony Baker, Ky, Josie, Chloe)
Josephine Ann Skipper twin
Joe Noland Skipper 1931-1999 James Arthur Skipper III 1950 Jason Skipper (with Jen, Ryan Diane Skipper May 2003)
Ashley Skipper 1977
Renee Skipper 1953 Crystal Belew 1977 (married Tim Kile 2001)
Richard Skipper 1959-1994
David (1885-1886)
Rosie Elmer Skipper 1887-1974
and John W. Edwards
Millard Ishmael Edwards 1912 Great Grandchild
Mildred Ethel Edwards 1914* Great Grandchild
Othel Lee Edwards 1916 Great Grandchild
Mary Opal Edwards Great Grandchild
Leonard Bradley Edwards 1922 Great Grandchild
Syble Irene Edwards 1925 Great Grandchild
Carl G. Edwards 1929* Great Grandchild
Carl Toby Skipper 1889
and Ida Octavia Treadwell
Ritta Skipper 1912 Great Grandchild
Reba Skipper 1912 Great Grandchild
Ruby Skipper 1915 Great Grandchild
Roy Cline Skipper 1916 - Great Grandchild
Ruth Carlena Skipper 1918 Great Grandchild
Raymond Columbus Skipper 1921 - WWII
Carl Toby Skipper, Jr. 1926 Great Grandchild
Ethel Pauline Skipper 1894-1957
and James Phillip Turner
Marritta Catherine Turner 1911
James Paul Turner 1913 - 2001 Paula Turner Chance Parker
Genevieve Alene Turner 1915 - 1928
Johnie Ione Turner 1917* Marian Vowel Kimberly Vowel
Craig Vowel
Tracy Vowel
Lou Ann Ward Glenda Gould
Jerry Ward
Darrell Ward
Marian Adeline Turner 1919 Mary Glen
Fredis Eustis Turner 1929* Kay Turner
Jan Turner
Brian Turner
Lisa Turner

A total of 66 grandchildren lived beyond childhood. At least two of these were adopted. *At least five are still living in June 2002.

Date of Death Birth
Name Age at
DOB Place of Burial
1903 SEP 26 1 Florence 34 9/20/1869 Unknown
1909 DEC 24 Father Dave 60 8/18/1849 McClaren, Lanty, AR
1914 FEB 9 Mother Kate 63 2/8/1851 McClaren, Lanty, AR
1918 FEB 28 2 Harriet 45 9/1/1872 Lone Grove, Lanty, AR
1931 FEB 12 5 Bettie 52 7/10/1879 Lone Grove, Lanty, AR
1931 APR 18 4 John 54 2/27/1877 McClaren, Lanty, AR
1940 FEB 9 6 Jim 56 6/19/1883 Mulberry, England, AR
1950 SEP 21 8 Carl 60 12/14/1889 Mulberry, England, AR
1954 MAR 17 3 Lou 79 12/13/1874 Jonesboro, AR
1957 MAR 10 9 Ethel 63 6/18/1894 Memorial, Muskogee, OK
1974 MAR 12 7 Elmer 86 8/21/1887 Sequoia, Gore, OK


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