Barracuda Passenger Side


BP29D 62 625114

Carburetor Left Side Carburetor Right Side
This is the New Old Stock (NOS) carburetor installed on the engine. The choke lever and link to the 'vacuum pull-off' came from a junk yard south of Carthage, Texas. The shiny new 'vacuum pull-off' was purchased at Auto Zone. The automatic choke (barely visible at bottom center) is the original. However, I have replaced the thermal spring with one from the junk yard. The ID tag is from the original carb. The 'bail' on top of the carburetor came from the original. The wing nut is from a 1986 Chrysler 5th Avenue. The connection for the throttle cable and for the transmission throttle rod came from the original carburetor, too. The throttle spring came from the junk yard, but I'm using a slightly stronger one from a parts place. They were crushing the old cars as I scrambled to retrieve these rare parts. The fuel filter is over 20 years old.

Engine Front Right Engine Front Left
Air Cleaner DecalThis is the original decal on the original air cleaner cover. The cover has been repainted to cover a few rust spots from its twenty-year storage. I still haven't found the original alternator, but this one looks just like it except for the double pulley. I still have the original water pump, so I think I'll install a new shaft, seal, and impeller in it one of these days. I installed a new windshield washer tank. It has been stored in the garage for more than twenty years. The original tank crumbled up from the heat apparently. The battery ground cable is new. It's bolted to the left front intake manifold bolt. I have a note that says that's were the original was connected. The brake master cylinder is the third one, but the cap is original. Auto Zone didn't have 'formed' radiator hoses. The spring clamps on the upper hose are original.

I decided to try to get a photo underneath the car while it was still relatively clean.

Old Inspection Sticker Engine Close
The last Texas safety inspection ran out in November 1983. This sticker will be destroyed when I get the Barracuda inspected. The other photo shows a NASA vehicle decal from the early 80s. Since I was not driving the vehicle on site when later decals were issued, I didn't have to turn this one in. When I retired, I turned in the decals that were in effect at the time. Would you say that the decal is centered behind the rear view mirror or in front of it? The old instruction said to center the decal on the window directly behind the mirror. Engineers are known for taking things literally and there was a story that one of the employees carefully lined up a spot on the rear window directly behind the mirror and put the decal there! I'm not sure that I believe that story now.

Left rear brake area
The next major job is to replace the brake cylinders. I peeled the rubber boots loose and a pile of rust fell out. The brake linings look OK for now. I'll just take the springs loose, unbolt the cylinder, work it out from between the shoes and slip the new one back in. Long ago I painted the brake drum Chrysler Blue to help prevent rust. That happened to be the color engine paint I had. Chrysler changed from red to blue sometime around 1970.
I saw that the tail pipe is rusting loose from the muffler. I may have to fix there before it will pass inspection.

PAGE ONE - This page gives some details about the Barracuda and its history. There are photos of all sides of the car,photos of the short block in the car and the empty engine compartment, and shots of the greasy engine as it was pulled out. There is a photo of wreck damage to the left front fender. There are photos of the heads that have been in storage for 20 years after they were rebuilt. There is a photo comparing the original carburetor that was destroyed in storage and a NOS carburetor that someone gave me. There are photos of the automatic transmission and the gas tank. Links to other web articles are located on Page One
PAGE TWO - Page two has more detailed photos of the exterior and interior of the car. The pinstripes are shown and the dash and instrument panel. Front bucket seats and folding back seat and trunk panel. Photos of grille sections and taillight.
PAGE THREE - This pages has photos of the engine rebuilding work in progress at Cookie's Auto Machine Shop. It shows the bare short block, piston installation, and Cookie at work.
PAGE FOUR - Page four has 14 images showing the completed engine after it was painted and then after the exhaust manifolds, pulleys, fan, brackets, distributor, coil, and such had been re-installed. It seemed to be easier to install all those things before putting the engine in the car. My only concern is fitting the left manifold around the steering column while dropping the engine in.
PAGE FIVE - Page five has photos and comments of the engine re-installation. I demonstrate that I can carry the transmission (without the torque converter). There are a couple of photos of the clean engine compartment before the engine was installed and then a couple more of the engine after it was installed. I photographed the antifreeze warning and battery charge warning decals on the radiator support panel.
PAGE SIX - Page six has a photo of the Barracuda parked out in the driveway on the first day of spring 2004 and closeups of the carburetor as it is installed and the engine compartment with the engine in running configuration. It has been driven about 15 miles since the overhaul. There is a photo of the bottom of the car and of the left rear axle and brake parts with the wheel and brake drum removed.
BRAKES - Photos of complete rebuild of front drum brakes including removal of backing plate and regreasing bearings. Photos of back brakes and bearing plus back brake hose.
Alternator Wiring - Photos showing every connection from battery to alternator power output terminal and wiring through the voltage regulator to the field connection on the alternator. The wire I.D. numbers for the shop are given along with wire gauge and wire insulation color.
Instrument Panel Removal and Disassembly - This page shows photos of the instrument panel partially removed from the dash and the various connections that are made there. It also has detailed photos of the instruments and the printed circuit boards on the back and details of the speedometer mechanism.
A-Body Gas Cap Replacement - Photos of combining an old replacement cap and a new Stant 11811 cap to make a usable replacement for the original.
Original 66 Barracuda Radiator Photos - Photos of my original radiator.
1966 Barracuda Owners Manual - Selected pages from my owners manual.

Barracuda History - This site provides an excellent brief history and description of the early Barracudas.
ULTRAJOSH - This site is an excellent resource for everyone who is working with the early Mopars. In addition to photos and details of his work on a '66 Barracuda there are links to sources of hard to find parts and instructions for all sorts of electrical work as well as mechanical. Check out this site. It may have just what you need to solve a Mopar problem! I found a source for an electronic voltage regulator that is built into a mechanical regulator case which accepts the original wiring connections!

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