Alvus Martin Maxwell
April 9, 1870 to May 8, 1929

Mary Ann Harrington

December 22, 1868 to March 14, 1936
1868 - Mary Ann Harrington was born December 22, 1868, in Lanty, Arkansas, to Hezekiah Harrington and Belfame Johnson. Hezekiah was 42 and Belfame was 28. Belfame was Hezekiah's fourth wife; his first two had died and he had divorced his third to marry Belfame. Belfame was a widow with three children from her first marriage to John W. Maxwell: Alifair Maxwell, age 9, Thomas Jefferson 'Tom Jack' Maxwell, age 6, and Floria Jane about 3. Hezekiah had several children from his previous marriages.

Belfame Johnson and Her Relationship to the Maxwells

     Belfame Johnson was born to a Johnson man and Anna McGeehee in February 1840 in Missouri. Anna's husband died or left them and she and her children moved to Conway County Arkansas to be near family.
     The Cyrus Maxwell family had been living in Conway County, but after they moved back to Carroll County his son, John W., either returned or had stayed to marry Belfame. They were married August 20, 1857. Their daughter Alifair was born about 1859, their son, Thomas Jefferson 'Tom Jack' Maxwell, was born June 10, 1862, and daughter Floria Jane about 1865. John died in the early 1860s and in 1867 Belfame married Hezekiah Harrington who had just divorced his third wife. Belfame was pregnant when she married Hezekiah according to the source, but it is not stated whether the father was John Maxwell or Hezekiah. Belfame and Hezekiah had Mary Ann about two years later. A little more research is needed to identify the other child.

Hezekiah Harrington, Belfame's Husband

     Hezekiah Harrington was a grandfather of my Grandfather Luther Maxwell. Hezekiah was born in Tennessee in 1825. He was first married to Martha who was 8 years his senior and also born in Tennessee. Martha was a widow and had two sons by her previous marriage: Andrew born in 1840 and Thomas born in 1841. Martha was 28 when Thomas was born and apparently was widowed by about 30. She and Hezekiah got married around 1845 and had Rebecca in 1846 and Nancy in 1848 when Martha was 35. By 1850 they were living in Van Buren County Arkansas. By 1855 Martha had died and Hezekiah had married a third time. He divorced his third wife and married Belfame in 1867.

1870 -
Alvus Martin Maxwell was born in Carroll County, Arkansas, April 9, 1870, to William Jackson P. Maxwell, age 24, a younger brother of Belfame's first husband, John W. Maxwell, and Lucinda Jennings. Jackson and Lucinda had been married June 19, 1867, in Berryville, Arkansas, in Carroll County. Alvus' older brother, Benjamin Cyrus was two years old.
    Alvus' grandfather, Cyrus Maxwell, a Baptist minister, was 60 years old. Alvus' grandmother, Jurusha, had died about 1851. The Cyrus Maxwell family had lived in Conway County in the 1840s, but moved back to Carroll County (where he had first settled in the mid-1830s) after he married Elizabeth Cargile. They had three children and then she died. Cyrus had married Barbara Ann by 1860, but had no more children. Cyrus served as county surveyor from 1868 to 1872 and was county judge in 1871. He apparently died before the 1880 Census.
      The railroad was extended west into Conway County through Morrilton around 1870. I have heard that there was never a north-south railroad across Arkansas.  Perhaps there have been a few short lines. I know there is one in
Jack and Lucinda Maxwell
northwest Arkansas, but it may leave the state at Ft. Smith.
1874 -
Alvus' second brother, Noah Davidson Maxwell, was born December 8, 1874.
1876 -
Alvus' third brother, William Elbert, was born November 3, 1876.
1878 -
Alvus' fourth brother, Mordica Pearl, was born October 13, 1878.
1880 -
Alvus observed his 10th birthday. As far as I can tell, Alvus' family still lived in Carroll County and Belfame and her family lived in Conway County. The distance between these counties is about 150 miles Would it have taken a week to make a trip like that back then? To read my notes about life in the 1880s, look for the James A. Skipper, Sr. page on the Prodigy site.
      Alvus' Maxwell grandparents and many of his Maxwell uncles and aunts died before 1880.
      Belfame's Maxwell children were Alifair, 21, Tom Jack, 18, and Floria, 15. Her daughter, Mary Ann 'Mollie' Harrington was 12 in December.

- Alvus' first sister, Minnie, was born August 3, 1881.
- Belfame gave birth to a son, Marley, in October 1882
- Alvus' second sister, Columbia Alice Kathreen 'Katie', was born September 23, 1883.
           Belfame and Hezekiah Harrington's son, Elbert Marley, was born October 10, 1883.

- Alvus' third sister, Myrtle Isabelle, was born December 15, 1885.
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